Eid food from my sister who is my neighbor 💛💚🥰♥️

Eid dinner 🍽 received from sis who is my next door neighbor

The true Bengali traditional dishes from apu 🥰♥️💚🎉💛🌸

Lucky to get such an adorable sister like you. Her food is awesome 👏 & very experienced. A truly Master chef 👩‍🍳 . Love you 💛🥰♥️
Your these foods reminds me my Bengali festive days foods.
The sweets, payes, beef bhuna, chicken , polau, kebab everything was awesome.
I love the kalo jaam or jamun will learn it from you soon Insa Allah, kacha golla was awesome, don’t know the other one round ball, but I love it.
Apu sent all
Of these food last night
Eid day vibe
Thank you apu and Lima baby
Eid vibe
Happy Eid Ul Adha ♥️💚🥰💛🎉🎉🎉🎉

Take care in this Eid festive season

Hello to everyone and Salam.
A humble request who is performing Quarbani or has performed Quarbani please make sure everything is clean enough not just with water but also with disinfected stuffs like bleach, anti bacterial Spray.

You can also use anti bacterial wipe for your kitchen top. In our country we know we have to do this ritual individually or in a group so we have to be more cautious in this festive time. We must not forget that Eid must be celebrated with lots of happiness, sacrifices and care.

Care! Care! Care!

Must needed words in this pandemic.

The situation is like that but we must not be frustrated. We can break down our work into small parts for example do the cleaning in the morning, then make afternoon snacks and take a break, then make our dinner 🍽 and take a break. Then wash and clean everything.

Don’t be over stressed by doing a lots of hard work in one day. Do exercise as well at home.

Try not to eat much meat 🍖 , so balance it.

If you have older people , kids or people with health condition then must clean everything before those persons contact that common area.

  1. Please make sure disinfect your main door.
  2. Make sure clean the fridge handle , inside and outside.
  3. Clean or mop the houses with bleach water
  4. Frequently wash your hands
  5. Wear masks
  6. Wear gloves 🧤 please

You know in Melbourne it is the deadliest situation now within couple of weeks. There is now state in emergency 🚨 situation.

So please, please be careful.

Take care of you
Take care of your family
Take care of your community

Happy safe Eid Ul Adha 2020 to everyone.

A passionate tea lover ☕️

Jasmine tea ☕️

💛♥️💚🥰☕️. I just love tea, love to hang around in coffee shops or tea shops it’s my most fav. Love to explore different kinds of tea and also to know their functions for human body ☕️☕️♥️♥️🥰🥰

My friends told me I am a I am a wonderful t human ♥️🥰😍☕️

My website for healthy recipes 💚💚

This is my website link
Visit to blogs and get all healthy and delicious recipes.
It’s free for all.
My Eid gifts 🎁 to all of you.
You will find nearly 2000 blogs there which is all my food blogs. Hope you will love it. I have worked in this blog for long 3 years.

Asparagus roasted veggies

Extensively in 2017, 2018 and 2019. Specially when I was studying my MBA, I also have done Entrepreneurship Program from UTS at my university, this website was also part of my project and thanks to Catherine to my teacher who helped me a lot.

Then it’s become my favourite. Hopefully in future will come with more healthy recipes so that everyone can benefit from my work.


Stay healthy
Eat well
Share & care 💚💚💛

The art of healthy living ♥️💚

Healthy food

The art of living with healthy food

Hello everyone please visit my website. Do comments and likes, give your valuable opinions and suggestions. It will help me to improve it.

Have a look and see the art of living consciously. The power of awareness to transform the everyday life! 💚❤️💚
My aim is to cook healthy food and share it with everyone, so people will make change their food habit. as a result, they can avoid serious diseases like obesity, heart disease, strokes, high blood pressure, various types of cancers and many other diseases!

As we know we always afraid of healthy food because it is expensive to make or take away from outside. But trust me if we know how to do it, then we can make it with inexpensive ingredients.

And yeah I know time is very important. As we know the kitchen area it’s very time-consuming, but don’t afraid, if we choose and make a plan before start our work in the kitchen then it saves plenty of time. For example today I made 3 items but it only took 18 minutes. So yes plan, work, action, knowledge, share and care matter a lot.

My website:

Sautéed vegetables 💚❤️💚
Shiitake mushroom, prawn, carrots, French bean and capsicum 💚❤️

Photo from 2018 from our beautiful apartment ♥️💚🥰

Mutton Dum Biriyani ❤️🧡💛

Mutton Dum Biriyani

Mutton dum biriyani 🥰💚♥️🌟
Mouthwatering mutton biriyani for dinner 🍽
Saturday vibe 🥰💚♥️
Dried masala tips from my beautiful elder sister. It’s very popular dish in South Asia and also known in Arab countries
Meat in rice

Tam’s cooking diary 📔

Tam’s food photography 🎥💛🥰♥️

It can be your delicious rice with meat dish for your Eid Ul Adha

Festive month 🌟🌟🌟

Whole meal pasta 🍝 with lots of veggies & prawn 🦐

Saturday lunch 🥙 with whole meal pasta with heaps of greens 🥬

Saturday lunch 🍴 with whole meal pasta 🍝
I added here prawn and lots of fresh vegetables 🥰🌟♥️♥️🤎
Eat healthy
Share & care 🧡💛❤️💚
Spinach nearly 1 bunch
Green capsicum 💚1 1/2 cups
Prawns 🦐
Mushrooms 🍄 butternut
Shallots 1 cup
1 carrots 🥕
Celery leaves 1 cup

Tam’s spaghetti 🍝 cooking

Tam’s cooking diary 📔

Cooking time 18 minutes 🥰💚🥰🌟
Weekend vibe
You can also prepare this to your Eid day afternoon

Tam’s food photography 🎥🥰🌟💚

Festive month 🥳🥳🥳⭐️💫✨🌟💛

Baked dishes which hit the top favourite ❤️🧡💕💞💚🤎💙💜🖤🤎🤍

Eat healthy
Take care of you, and your family 🧡🌸💚
Masha Allah my simple baking post has reached to more than 2000 people less than 2 days. I am really touched by your love ❤️
Thank you 🙏 all. Keep supporting 🌸💕
Together we can make a change🧡💚❤️
Eat healthy & inspire others

Soulful eating

Mindful eating

Take care of your mind, body & soul
Always remember You are what you eat 💚❤️🧡💚

“Let thy food be the medicine “💚❤️🧡 ~ Tam

Share your healthy food recipe or tips and tricks with us which is delicious and easy to cook as well and also not take long time.

So that from your knowledge & wisdom other ppl will benefit from it. In this way we can help our community & grow our awareness 💕

~ Tam 🌸🙏

Baked healthy duck & veggies