The most incredible things I have ever seen this time is the last Friday, actually it was Good Friday sunset. Unbelievable breathtaking view and it was full moon. This holiday me and my family, we went to Woodcroft village lake, such a beautiful place. All of the neighbors of these places usually went there for passing their relax time, doing gym, fitness, yoga, older people visit there for walking and to get fresh air.

This is my second visit there. I just love the ambiance which is surrounded by darling nature. I assumed God gifted his full blessings to make this reserve place wonderful. I can named it ‘it’s a heaven of beauty’.

Uff I can’t forget this mesmerizing view, in the afternoon the whole western sky become golden and its reflection come to the earth. It’s make everything yellowish. If you notice you will see that if the sky is clear, then the full moon day if people spend their time near to the ocean, river or lake, they can enjoy the full moon view.

When the sun was setting we noticed that lots of beautiful birds, pelicans and ducks were there which is the main attraction of this lake. You will be overwhelmed by this beautiful creatures. Your mind will become more calm and quiet when you will notice that sun is disappearing slowly. That time we were listening that birds were singing.

Still the beauty remains because it is full moon day and we can watch the full moon from this place. We sat on the bench for a long time and was seeing and feeling that beauty. That time people who are fishing they decided to go home. Small children who were playing also became tired and was going home, So were we.

But after two to three days still I can feel that wonderful natures view that filled my body and mind with peace and joy. It is pure, good and healthy, which is absence in our busy city life. I must say that in your weekend if you have time and you can make a plan to spend a day with your family and friend for seeing sunset in a nice place life Woodcroft lake, it will be a worthy. It will not waste your time, it will gives you more energy and more productive in the next day💚💚💚☘️🌿🍀🌱🍃🧘🏻‍♀️🏜🌅


Humty Dumty Tom 😊🙀😻👻

There is a small boy name Tom who lives in Bankstown. He was always scary about story of ghosts, though he likes to hear it. One day his cousin came who lives in Parramatta said that ‘Do you know Tom, in train station after 12 am always ghosts visiting in some of our neighboring areas.

Tom a little boy only 8 years old thinking about that his cousin Mark said to him last night. He was so afraid that he can’t even go to the bathroom for taking bath alone!! Very funny 😀🙀. But who knows even if we child 👶 may be we did the same thing 😍.

Tom is very scared now and also dreamed a lot of ghosts 👻. Again Tim his school friend, they study at Penfield school. Tom already knows that he is very afraid of ghosts, he is very naughty and tries to intimidate him always.

In lunchtime his friend was saying to Tom that you know my mom, dad and me we went for long driving this Saturday night, it was nearly 12, our car was heading to a countryside, but when my dad was going very dark area and we can’t see anything. That time we saw white elephants, white horses and five white birds. We became very shocked Tom, you know after watched this I was feeling sick. My mom and dad also scared because this is 12 am and it is very unusual to see that kind of all white animals there!! So these were all ghosts we thought.

Another day Tom’s uncle’s family came to visit them. They live in Toongabiee. It’s a very old suburb. His aunt was telling to his mum that you know there are lots of ghosts around the Sydney local area and also published in the newspaper that some ghosts are also walking outside the roads or some are inside the house at night time.

After heard this news Tom was shivering at night time and also got 🤒 high temperature. His mom always thinking about Tom that why he is so scared about ghosts story! But as a mom she tried to understand her own mind that her little boy humty dumty Tom will get rid of from ghosts stories when he will grow up.



Alone ❤️♥️💚

Tanha ♥️❤️♥️

All day is not equal, some days are full of happiness, some are so quiet. I know when I look at to sky at night time, it reminds all of the great moments I have passed in my life, whose are treasures in my short life. I can cherish my all beautiful memories. I know there are also some people who can relate with me, whose are living in the unknown city alone.

How you feel when you saw nobody is around, there is no one whom you can speak with!

How you will feel when you see your old friends in a new way! Totally changed, you can’t even remember them, that you met with them before! Pain and lost is very close to each other. I feel that pain is now a days more favorable rather then happier one! Hey friends do you think that it is a bit unusual? May be yes/ may be not.

I love silence, silence at night, see the ⭐️ Stars, which is the most favorite to all souls!♥️♥️