Say no to Plastic surgery to become beautiful

In Hollywood, plastic surgery is basically the norm or rules but not all stars have been lured under the knife. Most of then wanted to see them young/youth and crepy right cheekbones which is desired for the industry.

Women don’t need plastic surgery to make them more beautiful!

Natural beauty is the best because we need to love our simplicity 🌱💚 because all organic things matter a lot 💚💚💞

In this modern world, women’s are seeking for plastic surgery to make them more beautiful. The main reason is from society women has to face so much pressure that they need to look more beautiful. So sometime’s they want to make their eyes bigger, sharp noses, body shapes, cosmetic surgery and many more things. But remember that nothing artificial is good for your body. 

Every cut does matter to your body. Some plastics surgery went wrong and they don’t recover for the rest of their lives. In some cases people lost their lives.

This plastic surgery actually mostly influenced by the celebrities. These celebrities are more powerful compare to non celeb women. Specially young girls are very keen to do a lot of plastic surgeries now a days.

One of my Korean friend told me that in their country most of the girls are doing plastic surgery. Some of them are doing 5/6 surgeries also. Which is totally bad for a human.

This trend is very common in USA and now a days it also spread all over the world. For plastic surgery you need to do it form a very professional surgeon. But all of you can’t afford an expensive doctor because you are not a Hollywood celebrity and you don’t have enough money.

It also become popular in Asian countries. Maximum film industry actresses are doing plastic surgery or also doing lots of botox. Some of them do also body shaping, make thick lips, fake thick eyebrows. These all fake surgeries do not need young women to make them beautiful. Beauty lies in the heart, it can’t come by your beautiful face or appearances.

You need a confidence that you are beautiful the way you are. I also read one article last year that one women who underwent couple of surgeries. After got married and gave birth children, all of them are not looking beautiful like their mom and their dad told that all of her children got the ugly look and that husband sued to his wife because of she had done so many plastic surgeries and didn’t reveal it to his husband.

So what’s the point to make you more beautiful artificially. You know natural look is the best way and you have to accept the way you are. You need to love yourself. You don’t need to be compare with another women. Everyone is unique and everyone is beautiful in their own way! There need not to be done any plastic surgery.

But there are few silver-screen goddesses who have spoken out against cosmetic enhancements also.

There is also another strory of a young adult male Australian who went to Asia to done his surgery. He was fat, so he wanted to make him look slim and fit. He went through so many surgeries within 1 week. He fell down to the hotel room and he was only by himself alone. He bleed a lot. That young adult called to his mom before died that mon I want to go home soon. Then the man came to Australia by sitting in a wheel chair and with in couple of days he died. When the investigation started then Australian team realized that doctors are not professional enough and they don’t have enough qualification to run that practice. They offer to the young people to do these surgeries in lower prices. So a lots foreigners are very interested to do their surgeries in that countries. Which consequence is worst!

#Women believe in yourself

#Love yourself

#You are beautiful

#say no to plastic surgery for beautification


Economic condition of Africa


Today I am describing the economic condition of the African Economy which was stated by Robert Bates.

Robert H. Bates is Eaton Professor of the Science of Government in the Departments of Government and African and African American Studies, Harvard University, Born: c. 1942. He worked for a Major influence on Public Policy Reforms.

After the publication of his book is quite well known or familiar in many countries. There was a huge impact of this book for to know and develop of African Agriculture.

Analysis is there is a correct economic role for the state and if so, what is that? Later discussion will emphasize the relationship between state and markets, with particular attention to development, inequality and societal and environmental sustainability.

In 1981 Robert Bates published book named ‘Markets and States in Tropical Africa’ which soon became a classical statement of the hazards of state involvement in developing countries.

The impact of this book in African Agriculture is huge.

Bates provided considerable grist for the neo-utilitarian mill, but it was genuine political economy, not only an application of economic logic to political institutions. Bates made it clear that the results he observed were formed by a specific, historically grounded institutional context, not an ineluctable generic logic of how states work. On the other hand, the interpretation of the consequences of state action was quite consistent with neo-utilitarian perspective.

In Bates analysis, state officials in newly independent African countries, vested with powerful instruments of economic control inherited from colonial regimes, used these instruments to benefit urban elites, as well as themselves. Their policies ruined farmers’ incentives to enhance agricultural output and thereby interrupted the process of development.

Seeking to unite political survive with self-enrichment, they formed rental heavens, erected technical obstacles to the competent portion of resources, and ended up incapacitating peasant agriculture, the simply economic sector capable of propelling prospect development, Dismantling state authority and leaving the peasantry free to take benefit of market opportunities seemed to be the answer, just as a simpler neo-utilitarian model have recommended.

Most of the Africans economic incones derives from farming and nazi nun oropke of that country kuce in rural areas. Policies which are followed by the Aftixan government are against farmers interests. These countries cannot producing more food and as a result it can’t fulfill the demand of populations demand for food!

Structural Adjustment: The Response to Bates

●The problem of debt

●Stabilization vs. Conditionality

●Public SectorReform- Policy Reform

●Heavily Indebted Poor Countries Initiative (HIPC)

Debt as a problem-   Issues:

●The concepts of market and productivity

International systemic hegemony

●International competition within markets

●Complementarities and non-flexible prices

Technical assistances are:

Bias to international trade

●Back to the future- get the LDC economy back to the 1950s

●Dependent development– is it dependent and is it development

The International regime:

IMF vs. World Bank vs. Bilateral Donors vs. UNDP


a. Neo-Orthodoxy

b.  heterodoxy

c.  Stabilization and the IMF

d.  Conditionality- World Bank

e.  The Use of social funds

“Privatization fights laziness, privatization fights poverty, privatization fights smuggling, and privatization fights unemployment.“ Kigali, Rwanda

Solution: Privatization of the bureaucracy:

International conditions for “good” bureaucrats, eg. World Bank in Uganda- special salaries for those on contract with the project. It’s a good concept.

Overall Goal is to return to the recurrent budgeting process of the 1950s. End debt and deficits


Princeton University Press, 1995

Beautiful place

This beautiful place is in Netherland and the village name is Giethroon. All of the places are surrounded by green. This mesmerizing view will amaze everyone. This village is very quiet, here you will find canals and 176 bridges. This beautiful village established in 1230.  

Many visitors come here to enjoy this natural view. Nobody can enter here with their private transports. The boat is the only medium for visits in this place. This area is very silent

and the only boat when is crossing the canal does not make a sound. Most of the boat is driven by paddles. Here you will get sometimes a loud sound by ducks or while birds are chirping!

Such a wonderful place ♥️💚♥️


To be continued….

A positive mind

A positive mind can bring victory in every phases of our life. Positive thinking is our mental attitude in wich we expect good and favorable results. Alternatively it can be said that positive thinking is the process of creating thoughts and it’s create and transform energy into reality. A positive mind waits for happiness, health and a happy ending in any situation.

A positive mind is very important to be successful, motivated or to rich in life. For that we have to be focused and strong, definitely need hard work to reach our goal.

There are some obstacles for our thinking process. Sometimes it comes from our subconscious mind where it is telling that you are not well enough to that! It’s came from our toxic and poisonous thinking. Thinking process is also work with what we believe in our mind. Day by day this negativity become stronger and we become failure to reach our goal .

This negative thoughts are become very dangerous! The more attention we pay to this, the more serious it becomes. So for the sake of our own happiness we need to avoid it. We can seek help for counseling or advises from organizations whose are dealing with mental stress or negativity. It can also resolve by meditation.

We can do some homework by ourselves. For example, we can focus what work we can perform independently, we need to pay attention what we are good at, so when it tells all negative things about ourselves, then our focused mind will work against these negativity!

Firstly I recommend know thyself! Know about your strengths and weaknesses…. work on it for improvement! Another suggestion is sometimes weakness is good. Because if you know you have a weakness that particular area then you can work on this and you can be a better version of yourself! As we know no man is perfect and at the same time, I will say imperfection is not bad. It will guide us or give us a clue how we can improve ourselves.

If someone always blame you and find faults of all your work then straight away ask them what you have done that he or she is critical to you. Give your justification what you are good at, give a reason why you are good enough for your work. Or tell them you are not be blamed without any reason.

Actually, you know 3 S” is very significant for me that is self-love, self-respect and self-awareness. These three things will help us to grow our self-confident. So love yourself and think about positivity, think about what kind of good work you can do or what kind of good work you have done so far! Praise your own work. Maybe you can make a list that in this month I will do this 10 good things which will help me to improve my inner strength! This kind of task is very rewarding! After accomplishing all those tasks from your bucket lists, you will feel peace in your mind. It’s also improve your strength which helps to your positive mind.

Try to accept new things, try to accept your own work and try to appreciate what you have done. You know firstly your first obstacle, e.g. your negative mind will always tell you don’t do this, you are not good enough in this work! In this scenario locked your negative thinking and try to make all of the negative thinking into positive, this way you can improve a lot and also in this way you can boost your confidence level more compare to before.

In abroad most of the people are alone, specially migrated people they are far away from their own family and friends! But that doesn’t mean you will be sad, depressed always! If it will make you sad always then you will lose your positive energy. I came here a long time back and in my contry’s home, lots of people are there and relatives come very often for visiting. So After came here I miss my family a lot.

But that will not refrain me to make new friends or socializing. I got here lots of good friends, colleagues and neighbours. They are all so good and nice, I can share a lot of things with them. Which play a big role in my life, because if you feel bad then it’s better to share this with your closest one. It can work as a therapy. Sometimes I console my mind that this country is very good, developed and very safe compared to my country. Here rules and regulations are also very high and it ensures the safety of our life.

Here we know lots of problems we are facing, for example, this year the cold weather was extreme. As I come from a moderate hot weather country so this harsh weather suffers me a lot. Actually, this Aussie weather is very different compared to our own country. But we need to learn and cope up with these differences! In this way we can solve all of our issues! Like Napoleon said ‘There shall be no Alps”! …….

When Napoleon talked of invading Italy, one of his officers said: “Hut, sire, remember the Alps.” To an ordinary man, these WOUld have seemed simply Insurmountable, but Napoleon responded, eagerly; “There shall be no Alps.”

The strength of a positive mind is great and lots of things can be achieved through our positive mind. Let’s be positive, think positive and work positively. Success is on our way 💚💜

Values, Ethics and well being of a lawyer

There are so many ethical challenges lawyers have to face during their legal practice. One of the core challenge is uphold standards of ethical conduct and professionalism in the pressures reality of legal practice.

“Wellbeing and professionalism are inextricably linked. The psychological factors that influence well being also influence your ethical decision-making and your professionalism”- Vivian Holmes. (ANU) Associate Professor.

In some situations lawyers might take decisions which are come from pressures from job or they can’t compromise it with their business profit. Young lawyers can be able to make more ethical decisions compare to senior lawyers! As most of the time they don’t have direct associate with monetary issues!

There are so many issues that lawyers might take decisions under pressures. It’s came from framing like how a decision can be made, pee influence or conformity bias in this arena you might be influenced by the person who is in superior in hierarchy! That time you might loose your own internal moral compass because of you adopting the senior’s standard of behavior. Others are wants to please authority . Another problem is people whose are over confident and thought that they have more ethical values compared to others, that time they may take improper decisions without proper reflection!

Other’s are incrementalism or the slippery slope, self serving bias, rationalism, confirmation and status quo bias. Some situational factors may be if you stressed, overworked then it might also influence the decisions you make. If you work longer hours then usual then it might impact on decisions making of your case and sometimes you may be given decisions which is not ethical and it may not bother you because of you have done plenty of work and now your are exhausted!

These all causes may blind you in these situations but you have to work on it. Be a lawyer you can’t do unethical works. So you have to work on it and need to know how you can stop it which will help you to practice ethically. So you have to try harder to avoid significant mistakes when stakes are high.

There is a strong link between well being and professionalism. A professional exhibits integrity and autonomy, competence and service and relatedness to others.

Characteristic of wellbeing ….

To be continued….

Rights for Asylum seekers

Everyone has the right to Life, Liberty and Security of a person.

Why asylum seekers leave their countries? There might a lot of reasons that people leave their country. Because they fear persecution. Sometimes their government are not willing to protect that person and their family then he/ she must need to leave his/ her country. It could be come from torture, violence, political issues, death or imprisonment.

Most of the asylum seekers thought that they can go back to their country after some years. But in some cases it never happened! That make them frustrated, anxious and sad.

According to the UNHCR data, Australia is one of only about 20 nations worldwide that participate formally in the UNHCR’s resettlement program and accepts quotas of refugees on an annual basis. In 2013, Australia accepted the second largest number of refugees and othe humanitarian entrants which is 13,200, under this program. USA accepted 66,200 which is in the top position in the world and , Canada ranked third after Australia (12,200).

Australian policy for asylum seekers:

There is some changes for entry as a asylum seekers in Australia. Though no asylum seeker boats now reach in Australia because of the success of turn back policy. It can be said harsh policy. The mandatory system are retained and refugees are granted temporary visas. Actually these visas are no hope of offering permanent resident or citizenship. In some cases they deported to their countries. As we know in earlier times, Australia took lots of refugees from Middle eastern countries, Europe and also people who were cane from war zone. They can live here permanently as a citizen but now that easy get way has been canceled!

Immigration absolutism

It is very common to explain the creation of Australia’s uniquely harsh anti-asylum seeker system of border control as a partially disguised return of the old racism of the White Australia Policy. Even though there have been occasional political hiccups. Blainey one of the more remarkable achievements of Australian history has been the seamless transformation of white Australia to a multiracial and multicultural society since the early 1970s.

Nor is there evidence that Australians are hostile to non-European refugees selected by the government. In the late 1970s, it was easier for the Fraser government to settle 70,000 Indo-Chinese refugees from the camps of South-East Asia that the government had selected than it was to allay public fear or anger over the 2,000 Vietnamese who arrived in Darwin spontaneously by boat.

However, however, another aspect of the White Australia Policy that is usually overlooked – namely, its absolutism: the almost 100-year conviction that not a single person of non-European stock should ever be permitted to settle in Australia. It has been the absolutism, embedded in the so-called Australian immigration culture of control, rather than the racism of the White Australia Policy per se, which helps explain our recent policy history, now animated by a new absolutist ambition: that we should strive for a situation where not even one asylum seeker boat reaches our shores! That the harsh policy for the refugees!

If you are an asylum seekers and you’re staying in the country is difficult then you must seek attention from the organization whose are working for the asylum seekers!

After coming to a new country these asylum seekers are facing difficulties with physical and psychological problems. It’s like a trauma for them because they left their country, they left their all belongings and just enter a new country with empty hands.

That time they have to go through mental stress, anxiety and above all, they will face psychological problems as well. Sometimes in some countries, people are not very welcoming and they also bully the refugees which cause mental problems for the refugees.

In Australia asylum seeing is not illegal and it is a basic human right. It does not matter how or where they arrive in Australia, all people are entitled to protection of their human rights including the right to seek asylum.

Sometimes it is also difficult for the asylum seekers to get a job in the country because of their lacking experience in the job fields! Which is also another great problem for them!

These organizations are working for establishing rights for refugees. For example, your family members are facing difficulties regarding their fundamental rights, their education, food, clothing and also other things which are associated for the well being of a human, then you must visit seek help from that organizations.

As a human you have rights and as we all know that each life needs to be protected! If you are also struggling for your visa then you must contact with those organizations and they will help you to resolve your issues!

For refugees there are so many programs are running by the organizations, some of them are non-profits org. You must and must contact them.

Remember that you are not alone!

#Protection for asylum seekers

#Protect the rights of refugees

#You are not alone

#Stand for humanity

#Protection under the law



ABC news

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day

Love you Dad. You are the world best dad…💞♥️🌸💜🎊🎉

I captured this photo of my lovely Dad at Wollongong Lighthouse at Sydney.

#Our super hero#my role model# my handsome dad#amar Baba#we love you#God bless you# You are the world best Dad# thanks to God# you are our angel#

A good father makes all the difference in a child’s life. He’s a pillar of strength, support and discipline. His work is endless and, oftentimes, thankless. A good father realizes that his children are human, and that making mistakes is part of growing up.

Dad always says to us ‘Rich does not mean how wealthy you are! As we know rich people can by comfortable house, can afford luxuries life style, can buy Car but you can’t buy peace and love by your money. Money can’t buy all these.

Thanks dad.

Dad always told me ‘I will not be here with you always to tell you what you have to do or what thing you shouldn’t do! Remember what I am saying to you for your life. Learn it now and when I will not be with you, you can figure out what you have to do in your difficult time!

You are our idol, our role model. We love you 💞♥️🌸💜

Happy Father’s Day